The Boathouse

Archerfield Estate

Built in 2009, the Boathouse is one of several rental properties located on the historic Archerfield Estate.

Aitken Turnbull designed this property as a place of openness and relaxation as it is intended to be rented by large parties.

The ground floor is home to the private accommodation which consists of four spacious double bedrooms with en-suite an accessible WC and a utility space.

Ascending the grand staircase, you are welcomed into a reception area on the first floor where there is a bar and WC. You then move through a set of double doors into a luxurious open plan space which incorporates a large kitchen, dining room with seating for up to ten people, a small study area, and living space with a wood burning stove and soft furnishings.

The building has expansive timber decking on both the ground and first floor encouraging light into the building and offering panoramic views across the Firth of Forth and Fidra Island – home to a distinctive lighthouse, white-washed stonework and the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous book, Treasure Island.