Palliative Day Care Centre – Elgin


Completed in 2003, this Palliative Day Care CentreĀ is part of a series of facilities in Scotland designed by Aitken Turnbull and financed by Macmillan Cancer Support and the NHS Trust.

Although Elgin is part of the Grampian NHS Trust, it is located a considerable distance from Aberdeen and local pressure led to a new Palliative Day Care Centre.

Located on a Greenfield site on the Western periphery of Elgin, this purpose-built centre is predominately located over one storey with views and access to a south-facing leafy garden.

The building adopts a T-shape plan with the shortest-arm rising to two storeys. Internally, this design allows for clear zoning with patient accommodation, consultation and therapy areas located on the ground floor consultation and private staff areas on the first floor.

As with all of our palliative care centres, patient care and well-being were key considerations throughout this project and manifest through a softening material palette and attention to detail. The leafy setting, colourful planting and extensive timber-cladding create a pleasant area for relaxation.