South Gyle Wynd


These proposals were prepared in conjunction with a major house builder.

The layout has been influenced by the surrounding area and character of South Gyle Wynd and has been developed in accordance with recent Designing Streets guidance.  The non-standard road layout of squares and lanes will serve to reduce vehicle speeds and create a more pedestrian friendly environment.

The affordable housing has been kept close to the existing entrance to the site and is intended to be accessed directly from South Gyle Wynd to a shared surface parking courtyard.  The perimeter style housing approach provides a logical frontage when viewed externally rather than presenting rear gardens to the public views.

The courtyards are interlinked and permeability is promoted throughout the site and beyond to the network of footpaths.  This approach not only helps provide a sense of place but also shows for logical phasing of the development.

Denser flatted units are provided to the North West corner of the site which is screened by existing planting and townhouses provide an appropriate transition between the 4 storey flats and 2 storey houses.

A large village green is located at the heart of the development and is overlooked by two storey semi-detached and detached houses.

The form and detailing of the proposal has been deliberately kept very simple to replicate that of the surrounding area.